About Us

ECO LUXURY: Elegant Life, Sustainable Lifestyle ~ is brought to you by AXIS MAGNA GROUP, a consortium of personal, professional, organizational, or community development programs & related products & services, such as AXIS AVANTE GROUP, which are offered to support global sustainability.  Our vision is to emphasize environmental & social sustainability.  We believe that thru stronger relationships amongst families & neighborhoods, cities & nations become great beacons of inspiration & guidance for all to enjoy.  Individuals & even nations take their cues from the efforts or foibles of others.  We are all here learning together.  So, we welcome your thoughts, questions, comments, & suggestions.

Our team has been working on these topics for decades to bring you the highest wisdom as well as the leading edge options in every category.  Let us show you how good you can feel in your new, “living by design” lifestyle.  Sign up for your holistic makeover, schedule your business advisor meeting, shop for special items to make your life more delicious & dynamic as you recognize your full range of choices everyday.

Based in Mill Valley, California, we have satellite offices in Seattle, Portland, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Sedona, St Petersburg, Washington, DC, Hunt Valley, MD, Manhattan; New Brunswick & Vancouver, Canada; Geneva, Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona; Bali, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, India, & Japan.

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